Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) Launches Cloud-Based Software Application


Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) announces launch of flagship product AppraisalQPM, attracting well-known mortgage industry executive as an investor and Managing Partner!

​Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) announced today that it has formed NAN Software in order to launch its flagship product AppraisalQPM. AppraisalQPM is a cloud-based application designed to reduce cycle times, operating costs and risk associated with the appraisal order and review processes. In addition, the application will provide the data and analytics to manage performance and communication amongst all parties. The product has attracted Jim Cutillo, Founder and Managing Partner of Next Level, LLC, a private equity and strategic advisory firm as an investor.

Cutillo, founder and former CEO of Stonegate Mortgage says, “It’s not often that you see disruptive technology in its early stages, before it can potentially transform an industry, but when you do, it is impossible to not get involved.   Cari and Joni have built a great business and I am looking forward to working with them to build an industry leading software application and expand NAN’s appraisal management business.”

NAN started developing AppraisalQPM when Cari Burris and Joni Pilgrim (founders) identified a gap that currently exists in the industry for an integrated platform that connects all the players in the appraisal process, provides transparency, control and increased certainty while reducing operating cost and risk. 

Joni Pilgrim, co-Founder of NAN says, “Nothing is more exciting than driving cutting-edge technology initiatives. We have combined data, analytics and process with industry knowledge and technology to deliver a solution that enables our clients make better data driven decisions.  We are excited to start our partnership with Jim, his wealth of industry knowledge is unparalleled and combines effectively with NAN’s commitment to move the appraisal process light years ahead.”

Cari Burris has been heavily involved in the technical side of the development, and she says, “We have created a platform that is so intuitive and predictive, that any user can log in to the cloud and start using it right away with little to no training at all.  Not only will we provide the platform to place and manage appraisal orders, review appraisals and track performance from end to end, but we developed a way to leverage the data and advanced analytics to allow appraisers, originators, lenders and investors the ability to drive operational and financial performance improvements in a compliant manner.”

Cutillo is excited about his new partnership with NAN. “We are revolutionizing the appraisal process from end to end with AppraisalQPM and giving originators, lenders and investors a way to reduce operating costs and risk.”

NAN will be exhibiting at this year’s MBA tradeshow in San Diego, booth #623.  This will be the first opportunity for people to see the beginning stages of AppraisalQPM.  AppraisalQPM is set to launch in early 2016. 

About Nationwide Appraisal Network: Nationwide Appraisal Network is an industry leader in appraisal management, providing a unique approach to valuations through customization, innovation, and quality. Visit us at or call 888.760.8899

About NextLevel: NextLevel is a private equity and strategic advisory firm working directly with entrepreneurs, management teams and their boards, to envision, design and implement innovative growth strategies resulting in market leading operational and financial performance.  Visit us at

About NAN Software: NAN Software is a data and analytics company which combines industry knowledge, analytics, and technology to deliver solutions that help our clients make better data driven decisions.  Visit us at or call 813.749.8849.

Original Source: Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN) Launches Cloud-Based Software Application

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