WTF Happened to Amanda Bynes and the cast of All That?


Check it, check it, check it, this is ALL THAT! A staple for the Nick Generation and part of what made Saturday night SNICK must-see TV, ALL THAT was not your parents’ SNL.

This sketch show taught us that it is okay to be silly, goofy, wacky, and hilarious, and you know what… it was probably for many people like me… you know, horrible millennials, it was kind of our introduction to “comedy” and “hip hop culture”.

From Ask Ashley and Earboy to Pierre Escargot and Pizzaface to Good Burger and the Librarian, ALL THAT was the sketch show for its demographic, hitting on absurdist humor and adult hypocrisies while showcasing various musical talents.

The cast was a fun group of diverse teens that worked so well together that the show would really be best remembered by that initial cast. And it was filled with a starting lineup that featured people who would go on to become paparazzi fodder, sketch comedy mainstays, and, well, a whole lot of, “Oh yeah, I remember them! They were on ALL THAT and…nothing else!”

Taking its lead from the aesthetics and mold of SNL and even Nickelodeon’s own You Can’t Do That On Television, the Dan Schneider-produced ALL THAT launched in 1994 and spun season and season until fairly recently when they shut the whole fucking world down and all that… But it couldn’t have possibly done so without that first cast. But what the F became of them? Who the F continued their success, and who the eff faded into obscurity, only to be resurrected thanks to this video?

Well, let’s find out WTF Happened to…Amanda Bynes the cast of ALL THAT?

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