WGA and AMPTP meeting results in “no agreements”


A meeting between the WGA and the AMPTP indicated that the latter isn’t willing to budge on key issues that led to the strike.

In a development that the writers themselves could have predicted, the Friday meeting between the WGA and the AMPTP didn’t exactly offer a happy ending, with the strike continuing after “no agreement” could be reached between the union and the organization.

In the Friday sitdown, representatives from both the WGA and AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) met to discuss how to move forward with negotiations amid the strike, which officially began on May 2nd. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the teams intended to figure out a “potential negotiation protocol” as well as offer “a preview of the issues each side intends to bring back to the table upon resumption.” No terms were met because, as per the WGA, “the AMPTP said they needed to consult with their member studios before moving forward.”

Still, some details from the WGA and AMPTP meeting indicate the current position of the latter, with the WGA saying AMPTP head Carol Lombardini “stated they were willing to increase their offer on a few writer-specific TV minimums – and willing to talk about AI – but that they were not willing to engage on the preservation of the writers’ room, or success-based residuals.” With the WGA continuing to stand their ground by ensuring “this committee does not intend to leave anyone behind, or make merely an incremental deal to conclude this strike” and the AMPTP’s apparent unwillingness to budge on certain issues, the strike – now one week away from matching the 2007-2008 strike’s duration – could very likely continue for months to come. But there is at least some hope, with some suggesting the groups could meet again as early as next week…even if words from both sides point to skepticism over terms.

Moving forward, the WGA said, “In addition to a comprehensive response from the AMPTP on our proposals in all work areas, we will need to address issues arising from the strike, including a health care benefit extension and additional plan funding, reinstatement of striking writers, and arbitration of disputes arising during the strike.”

When do you think the WGA strike will be resolved? Will it have an impact on future awards shows? Give us your predictions below.

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