Virtuosity (1995) Revisited – Horror Movie Review


The latest episode of the Black Sheep video series looks at Brett Leonard’s Virtuosity, starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe

A new episode of the Black Sheep video series has just been released, and in this one we’re taking a look at a movie you might expect to be really popular, since it’s a sci-fi action thriller that pits Denzel Washington against Russell Crowe. It’s not popular… but maybe it should be. The movie is Virtuosity (watch it HERE), and you can hear all about its virtues by checking out the video embedded above.

Directed by Brett Leonard from a screenplay written by Eric Bernt, Virtuosity has the following synopsis: A former cop who has been imprisoned for murdering the psychopath who killed his family, Parker Barnes is recruited to test out a new virtual-reality program where the goal is to apprehend a computer-generated being called SID 6.7, who has been modeled on hundreds of deranged criminals. When SID manages to escape into the real world, Barnes must capture or destroy him before the soulless entity can go on a killing spree.

Washington and Crowe are joined in the cast by Kelly Lynch, Stephen Spinella, William Forsythe, Louise Fletcher, William Fichtner, Costas Mandylor, Kevin J. O’Connor, Kaley Cuoco, Christopher Murray, Mari Morrow, Johnny Kim, Heidi Schanz, Traci Lords, Gordon Jennison Noice, and Michael Buffer.

The Black Sheep series features different takes on horror films that the masses or/and critics didn’t care for but that we found merit in. We defend horror movies that deserve more love!

This episode of The Black Sheep was Written, Narrated, and Edited by Lance Vlcek, Produced by Lance Vlcek and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

I remember that I didn’t enjoy Virtuosity when I watched it in ’95 or ’96, but I don’t remember anything about the movie itself because that’s the only time I’ve ever attempted to sit through it. Maybe I should give it another chance after almost thirty years.

What do you think of Virtuosity? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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