The Greatest Horror Movies of 1980: 80s Horror Movie Memories


We take a look back at the greatest horror movies of 1980 in this feature-length edition of 80s Horror Memories.

With the death of disco in 1979 and a demand for change, the 1980s evolved into a neon-soaked, totally rad decade held firm together with cans of “Aqua Net” burning a hole in the ozone. The time for free love and hope for peace was over. It was time for a revolution. But with filmmakers, their creative freedoms would lead to exploring more areas which haven’t been touched on before. It was the year horror would forever be changed.  

In this special episode of 80s Horror Memories, we take a feature-length look at the year 1980 as a whole, taking deep dives into the influential horror flicks of the year. Here are the movies we profile:

Dressed to Kill: Brian DePalma’s controversial slasher, which, if anything, is even more provocative in 2023 than it was in 1980.

Maniac: William Lustig’s grimy thriller starring 80s horror icon Joe Spinell. 

Alligator: Originally conceived as a Jaws knockoff, this horror comedy features a charming lead performance by the late Robert Forster. 

Friday the 13th: The slasher movie that started it all and pushed the envelope regarding mainstream horror violence. 

The Shining: Stanley Kubrick’s classic is considered one of the greatest horror movies of all time, but is despised by Stephen King himself. Why?

Prom Night: A classic piece of Canuxsploitation, Prom Night is probably Jamie Lee Curtis’s best slasher outside of the Halloween series.

The Fog: John Carpenter’s follow-up to Halloween was a box office disappointment in 1980 but is now considered a classic. 

We discuss all of these classics with our special guests, Craig Perry (Final Destination), Doug Jones (Hellboy), Eric Red (The Hitcher), Patrick Lussier (Scream), and Sandy King (They Live).

What’s your favorite 1980 horror movie? Let us know in the comments! And check out all episodes of 80s Horror Memories HERE.

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