The Equalizer 3: Interview with Antoine Fuqua


We interview The Equalizer 3 director Antoine Fuqua about closing out Denzel Washington’s only trilogy and his approach to action.

There’s nobody left making action movies like Antoine Fuqua. The heir apparent to Tony Scott, Fuqua’s films are lean, mean, and defiantly R-rated, and his latest, The Equalizer 3, is no exception (read our review). I’ve been interviewing Fuqua pretty much since I started on the site, and he’s always been one of the nicest, friendliest guys to talk to. I’ve always admired his kick-ass action flicks, so in our quick interview, we went right into how he feels about staging hardcore action scenes that are the opposite of the more polished kind we typically see in Hollywood.

In our chat, Fuqua went into who he thinks could play a young Robert McCall if Denzel Washington decides to call it a day after this trilogy wraps. I blew his mind a little when I suggested John David Washington. He also told me that they’re ready to go as far as The Terminal List Season 2 goes and that they’re just waiting for the strikes to settle, with all the locations already scouted out. It’s a shame I only got a few minutes with Fuqua, as I could easily have chatted with him for much longer. I’ve always wanted to pick his brain about how he transitioned from music video to director, with his first film, The Replacement Killers, still ranking as perhaps star Chow Yun-Fat’s best all-around American film.

You can catch The Equalizer 3 in theaters starting tomorrow night. Trust me when I say it’s a highly satisfying end to Denzel Washington’s only trilogy.

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