New V/H/S movie in the works at Shudder with a sci-fi horror theme


Shudder announces that a new V/H/S movie is in the works which will take the franchise to space with a sci-fi horror theme.

After the record-breaking success of V/H/S/85, Shudder announced at New York Comic-Con that a new V/H/S movie is in development, with a focus on sci-fi horror.

The new V/H/S movie will feature “five new bloodcurdling tapes” and will be released in 2024. “Jason Voorhees, Leprechaun, Pinhead, Dracula, even the Amityville Horror house ended up in space, so as we move into our own Part 7 it was only natural that we should too,” said producer Josh Goldbloom. “The sci-fi horror genre provides us an infinite playground of forbidden worlds and dangerous lifeforms, a formula which we’re confident will lead to the biggest, maddest, bloodiest V/H/S ever.

The V/H/S franchise has been terrifying and entertaining audiences for over a decade now thanks to the work of some of the genre’s most gifted filmmakers,” said Head of AMC Networks’ Film Group Scott Shooman. “Following the massive success of V/H/S/85 and its previous installments on Shudder, it’s clear that the filmmaking team won’t be running out of unique ideas anytime soon. We’re thrilled that the franchise is going in a bold, new direction that will surprise fans and newcomers alike, and demonstrate the innovative capabilities of sci-fi within the world of V/H/S.

President of Scripted Content at Studio71 Michael Schreiber added, “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Shudder on a groundbreaking new V/H/S film! The V/H/S franchise has become a cornerstone of the horror genre that provides an unfiltered platform for filmmakers to push boundaries and tell innovative stories.

V/H/S/85 debuted on Shudder last week and quickly became the most-watched exclusive film premiere of 2023 for Shudder and AMC+.

Our own Tyler Nichols recently reviewed the latest installment of the V/H/S franchise and found a lot to like in the ’80s aesthetic. “I found myself constantly nerding out over the technical aspects. The little shimmers in the analog tape and glitches were like music to my ears,” Nichols wrote. “I wasn’t expecting to be so engrossed simply because of the format. But there’s just something about the 80’s that just lends itself very well. It works so well that I question why it took so long for the series to end up here. While not every segment works (which is the case for most V/H/S films), the style is an 80’s aficionado’s wet dream. Overall, I enjoyed V/H/S/85 for what it was and am curious as to where the franchise goes next.” You can check out the rest of Nichols’ review right here.

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