Creature Commandos: Voice Cast Set for Animated DC Series


The voice cast for DC’s Creature Commandos has been set, with Frank Grillo signed to play Rick Flag Sr across “all media”.

The voice cast for the upcoming DC Creature Commandos animated series at Max (the newly rebranded name for HBO Max) has been set, and it’s filled with familiar names. Frank Grillo, David Harbour, Maria Bakalova, Indira Varma, Zoe Chao, Alan Tudyk, Sean Gunn and Steve Agee have been announced as voicing the titular characters in the James Gunn-written series. Grillo’s casting is extra special, with him playing Rick Flagg Sr. Gunn noted on Twitter that Grillo will be playing the role across “all media,” so expect him to show up as the character in live-action projects too.

Rick Flag Sr is the father of Rick Flag, who was played by Joel Kinnaman in Suicide Squad and its Gunn-directed sequel, The Suicide Squad. Notably, he was killed off by John Cena’s Peacemaker in that movie, and it’s possible to if and when Peacemaker Season 2 happens, Rick’s dad is probably gonna come looking for some sweet vengeance.

The rest of the Creature Commandos casting is as follows: Sean Gunn is voicing Weasel, Bakalova as Princess Ilana Rostovic, Varma is The Bride, Chao is Nina Mazursky, Tudyk is Dr. Phosphorus, Harbour is Eric Frankenstein, and Agee is John Economos.

The series is, thus far, set to run seven episodes and will center around the title team, which is a precursor to the Suicide Squad. In it, they are another Black Ops team of prisoners, albeit of a more superhuman bent. The comic books had the Creature Commandos in WW2, but I figure this new animated series will likely be set in a later war, perhaps in Vietnam.

Creature Commandos was one of the projects Gunn announced as part of his new DC slate back in January. Do you think Creature Commandos will make a good animated series? Let us know in the comments below!

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