Introducing Red Feather Property Group: Empowering Real Estate Agents Amid Inventory Challenges


Revolutionary Real Estate Investment Firm Leverages Lucrative Opportunities in Raw Land

Red Feather Launch

Red Feather launch post

The real estate industry is ever-evolving and as market conditions shift, so do the strategies required for success. Red Feather Property Group is proud to announce its groundbreaking launch, ushering in a new era of opportunities for real estate agents grappling with inventory shortages and escalating interest rates.

In an environment where traditional avenues are limited, the firm provides an exceptional chance for agents to diversify their portfolios and expand their earnings by venturing into the world of land investment.

"In a challenging real estate landscape marked by low inventory and high interest rates, we are proud to introduce an innovative solution that empowers real estate agents to achieve their financial aspirations," said Howard Zonder, Red Feather co-founder and CEO. "Our commitment to helping them find more lucrative deals and create value for underserved landowners is at the heart of our mission."

Unlocking the Hidden Gem: Land Investment in Focus

Red Feather Property Group extends an invitation to real estate agents to become Certified Land Advisors while maintaining their traditional brokerage roles and relationships. This exclusive partnership empowers agents to harness the hidden opportunity of off-market properties owned by people who are keen to sell but haven't acted. 

Unlike conventional single-family homes where competition is fierce and commission rates are fixed, Certified Land Advisors gain more by selling a $100,000 land parcel than a $500,000 house. This innovative approach leverages the unique dynamics of land investment to bolster agents' earnings, making every transaction a substantial win.

Empowering Agents and Brokers With Unparalleled Deal Flow

By accessing off-market opportunities, Red Feather Property Group-affiliated agents and brokers experience an influx of opportunities that are currently unavailable to them.

"Red Feather Property Group completely transformed my approach to real estate," said Kristine Hodges, Certified Land Advisor and Keller Williams agent. "As a Red Feather Advisor, I can tap into a wellspring of opportunities previously invisible to me. The land investment approach bolsters my earnings and invigorates my passion for real estate. It's like discovering a secret treasure trove within the industry." 

Join the Red Feather Property Group Revolution

Red Feather Property Group is paving the way for agents to thrive amid changing market dynamics. Through our unprecedented partnership model, the firm transforms the trajectory of real estate careers and elevates earning potential.

About Red Feather Property Group

Red Feather Property Group is revolutionizing the process of buying and selling vacant land. Land is the largest asset class in real estate, yet it is largely ignored by most industry players. Our mission is to empower real estate agents to better serve this underserved market. We believe that by merging local expertise with our exclusive tools, methods, back-office support, and training, agents will close more deals and make more money. Visit

Contact Information:
Howard Zonder
Co-founder and CEO
[email protected]
(866). 695-7374

Original Source: Introducing Red Feather Property Group: Empowering Real Estate Agents Amid Inventory Challenges

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