EquityMultiple’s Alpine Note Crosses $100M Threshold


Innovative vehicle for real estate investment offers portfolio diversification, flexibility, short terms, strong fixed-rate returns.

EquityMultiple, the innovative real estate investing platform for self-directed investors, announces that investor participation in its popular Alpine Note product has crossed the $100 million threshold.

EquityMultiple reported that more than 1,300 investors have now participated in over 30 series of notes. "This is a testament to how valuable the Alpine Note tool is for managing cash and earning a competitive rate during a volatile time," said Charles Clinton, CEO of EquityMultiple.

The Alpine Note is an alternative savings vehicle that functions like a high-yield savings account or certificate of deposit (CD), with a fixed rate of return over a short time period. It offers more attractive terms than typical short-term vehicles, with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 5.5% to 7.0% - about 50% greater than those of the leading equivalent-term CDs.

The Alpine Note provides atypical returns because of EquityMultiple's innovation model. Unlike CDs and other standard savings accounts, Alpine Note is backed by real estate, not bank assets. That structure provides investors with strong, fixed-rate returns, while supporting EquityMultiple's funding and origination of unique real estate investments.

It also minimizes the usual barriers to investing in real estate, in particular the high minimum amount needed to invest, and the long-time period needed to recoup that investment. "Real estate investments often require a large amount of capital upfront, and their illiquid nature means the investors' money can be tied up for years," Clinton said. 

Alpine Notes, however, allow investors to generate short-term yield and get their principal back quickly. While not as liquid as a savings account, the notes are available in terms of three, six or nine months and require a $5,000 minimum investment, with interest accruing and compounding. At the end of the term, investors can recoup their principal, or roll over into the next series of notes or another EquityMultiple investment. They complement the longer-duration real estate investment options on the EquityMultiple platform.

"EquityMultiple's mission has always been to make real estate investing easy and accessible," Clinton said. "Since our launch in 2015, we have helped thousands of people diversify their portfolios with real estate, across many different types of properties, in a variety of locations, and at whatever risk profile they choose." 

EquityMultiple also protects investors with what it calls "First Loss Protection." The firm holds a  first-loss position, which means in the case of a default, EquityMultiple loses 100% of its investment in the note before other investors lose any of their funds. "This shows our commitment to the product," Clinton said.

EquityMultiple pairs innovative technology with real estate experience and industry-leading investor services to offer an exceptional investing experience. Through its investing platform, EquityMultiple's investors have participated in more than $4 billion in commercial real estate. 

To learn more about The Alpine Note, visit equitymultiple.com/alpine-note

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EquityMultiple brings exclusive investment opportunities and combines industry-leading asset management, innovative technology, and personalized support to provide an unparalleled investing experience. EquityMultiple focuses on asset management, strong due diligence, and an investing experience tailored to the investor.

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