Uncover Mental Health Counseling Marks 4 Years of Transformative Impact


Uncover Mental Health Counseling, founded by Kristie Tse, stands as a leading mental health practice in NYC that prioritizes inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and personal growth through evidence-based treatments. Their team of New York psychotherapists is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for New Yorkers seeking guidance in matters of mental health, especially as it relates to their cultural upbringing.

Uncover Mental Health Counseling

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Commemorating four years of remarkable achievement, Uncover Mental Health Counseling shines as a beacon of hope for those on a journey to revitalize their mental well-being in NYC. Founded by visionary New York psychotherapist Kristie Tse, this milestone signifies more than personal triumph; it represents the forefront of a broader movement, reshaping how the community in NYC perceives mental health.

Kristie's inspiring journey started in a Chinese immigrant family rooted in traditional values that had a major effect on mental health. While studying for her undergraduate degree in Women's Studies and Psychology, she uncovered the complex relationship between culture and mental wellness. This revelation set her on a life-changing path, which led to her getting dual Master's degrees in Mental Health Counseling and LGBT Health, Education, & Social Services from New York University. Armed with her expertise, Kristie is helping to reshape the way people think about mental health and its relation to  their cultural upbringing through NYC psychotherapy. 

Despite facing numerous obstacles, including long working hours, insufficient pay, and a lack of essential benefits such as health insurance post-graduation, Kristie's unwavering commitment to her vision propelled her forward. In a mere two months after receiving her licensure in July 2019, she boldly launched her private NYC psychotherapy practice, achieving remarkable success. Even amid the challenges of a global pandemic in 2020, Kristie expanded her practice into a thriving group practice with other therapists in NYC, showcasing her extraordinary resilience and dedication to mental well-being.

This September, Uncover Mental Health Counseling celebrates four years of providing a safe and supportive sanctuary through online therapy for New Yorkers seeking comfort and healing during these trying times. Kristie and her team of NYC psychotherapists have worked tirelessly to challenge cultural norms and bring about positive change, leaving an indelible mark on individuals, families, and communities.

Reflecting on her extraordinary journey, Kristie Tse shares, "This anniversary is more than just a celebration of empowerment and a reflection of our past progress; it's a beacon of light for us to continue our journey towards a world where mental well-being takes precedence for all."

Join Kristie and her team of New York psychotherapists at Uncover Mental Health Counseling as they celebrate four remarkable years dedicated to enhancing mental health using evidence-based therapy treatments. Explore their mental health services in New York City and learn how they are reshaping possibilities for individuals and communities alike.

Contact Information:
Kristie Tse
Clinical Director
[email protected]

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