TSplus Has a Secure Remote Desktop Solution for HealthCare Industry


After a month dedicated to Cyber Security in October, the situation is now high-risk for many organizations. Cyber attacks are increasing, and the healthcare Industry is often specifically targeted. Whether the breach is due to ransomware attacks or poorly secured Remote Desktop connections, TSplus offers a solution for the Healthcare system.

TSplus Has a Solution for Healthcare Cybersecurity

TSplus offers secure remote desktop solutions ideal for the Healthcare Industry's needs in Cybersecurity

IRVINE, Calif. - December 9, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Hospitals and health facilities have become easy targets for malicious actors as these have been under immense strain due to the pandemic.  

Nearly 1.9 million cyberattacks against the healthcare industry in India were recorded from January to November this year, according to research led by local cybersecurity think-tank CyberPeace Foundation. More recently, The Keralty multinational healthcare organization, the leading healthcare system in Colombia, suffered a ransomware attack disrupting the websites and operations of the company and its subsidiaries. 

Because of the general use of remote access to centralize medical records, booking systems and invoices, which presents security risks, most of the attacks target internet-facing systems with open RDP ports. Those where server message block and database services are enabled, and those that run old Windows server platforms. Trojan viruses and Brute force attacks are also used to gain network access and steal patient data. All of this stolen data is sold on the dark web. This month, stolen data on African, Middle East and Turkish firms were on sale for $2,100, according to a report by Kaspersky.

TSplus offers a solution that combines smart remote access technologies and advanced protection for the safe use of Remote Desktop in the Healthcare system.

A Solution for Secure Remote Desktop and Server Protection 

TSplus provides secure remote desktop solutions to hundreds of medical organizations in the World, allowing thousands of hospitals and clinics to run full speed and save on IT costs. Furthermore, TSplus has developed a unique cybersecurity program for Remote Desktop to ensure that remote connections and data exchanged on hospital networks stay safe: Advanced Security. 

In a few clicks, TSplus Advanced Security blocks attacks on Remote Desktop and Application Servers with powerful security features all combined in a unique tool. Among included features are Geo-restriction, brute-force attack defender, ransomware protection, and even a global hacker IP protection which, in one go, blocks over 600 million known hacker IP addresses from day 1 of use. It is the most comprehensive and cost-attractive cybersecurity toolbox on the market.  

A smart solution for the healthcare industry at a time of deep need.

The TSplus suite of software can be tested and purchased directly from www.tsplus.net.

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