Throtle and StackAdapt Collaboration Accelerates Healthcare Audience Targeting Through Advanced Onboarding and Activation Solutions


Throtle, healthcare’s only dedicated identity resolution provider, and StackAdapt, a leader in multi-channel programmatic advertising, today announced StackAdapt will be leveraging Throtle’s onboarding and activation solutions to significantly enhance healthcare audience targeting capabilities for their clients. This collaboration aims to provide healthcare marketers with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in reaching their desired audiences through the StackAdapt platform. 

The healthcare industry faces unique challenges in digital marketing, particularly when it comes to accurately targeting and engaging with specific audiences while adhering to privacy regulations. Recognizing this, StackAdapt has chosen Throtle's expertise in precision data management and activation to ensure healthcare messages reach the right individuals with relevant and timely content. 

Throtle is known for its transformative ability to enhance, match and activate healthcare data from online and offline sources, maintaining the highest standards of privacy. This will enable StackAdapt’s clients to benefit from improved match rates, reduced data loss, and enhanced campaign performance, ensuring that their marketing efforts are both effective and compliant with industry regulations. 

Michael Shang, SVP of Advertising Technologies, discussed the benefits of working with Throtle, stating, “Our collaboration represents a significant first step forward in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to healthcare marketers. By integrating Throtle’s advanced onboarding and activation technologies, we are not only enhancing our platform's capabilities but also ensuring that our clients can engage healthcare audiences more effectively and responsibly than ever before.” 

Paul Chachko, CEO of Throtle, expressed his enthusiasm about working with StackAdapt, adding, “StackAdapt can now offer a comprehensive suite of tools that empower healthcare marketers to navigate the complexities of audience targeting with ease and confidence. Our combined strengths will help healthcare organizations achieve their marketing objectives with greater precision and success, all while prioritizing patient privacy and data security.” 

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Original Source: Throtle and StackAdapt Collaboration Accelerates Healthcare Audience Targeting Through Advanced Onboarding and Activation Solutions

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