Serena H. Chen, MD, Joins the Theralogix Medical Advisory Board


Dr. Chen's expertise and notable achievements help reinforce the company's commitment to science and evidence-backed supplements.

Theralogix, a national leader in the supplement industry, announces the addition of Serena H. Chen, MD, to its esteemed Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Chen's numerous credentials and extensive experience in the field of reproductive medicine make her a valuable asset to the board. 

Serena H. Chen, MD, graduated from Brown University and earned her MD at Duke University School of Medicine. She trained in Gynecology, Obstetrics, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and now holds multiple distinguished titles including Director for the Division of Reproductive Medicine at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, Chief Advocacy Officer at CCRM NJ, and a Founder and Vice President of Doctors for Fertility NFP.

Dr. Chen strongly supports her patients' right to be informed and involved in their own care, and she is passionate about access to fertility treatment for all. In 2020, Dr. Chen was the recipient of Resolve's prestigious Hope Award, recognizing her advocacy for legislation that ensures access to care for those diagnosed with infertility. 

Theralogix was founded on science and the commitment that every product has extensive research to back it up. Theralogix's Medical Advisory Board (MAB) plays a vital role in solidifying this dedication to science-backed products. Made up of a carefully selected group of physicians, top research scientists, and faculty members at leading U.S. medical schools, the MAB evaluates and approves new product formulations, while offering guidance to improve existing ones.  

Theralogix sets the standard for premium, research-backed nutritional supplements. Each product in their full line of supplements is independently certified by NSF® International for content accuracy and freedom from contaminants. Theralogix has been a top physician-recommended brand for over two decades. For more information about Theralogix and its range of evidence-based products, please visit the Theralogix website.

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Original Source: Serena H. Chen, MD, Joins the Theralogix Medical Advisory Board

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