Mann Eye Institute Unveils State-of-the-Art Office-Based Surgery Center in Austin


Mann Eye Institute announces the grand opening of its office-based surgery center, Mann Austin Surgery Center, at 4314 W. Braker Lane, Suite #215, Austin, TX 78759. This innovative facility, within the newly remodeled Austin North Clinic, marks a significant advancement in ophthalmic care for Austin.

The Mann Austin Surgery Center introduces a revolutionary approach to eye surgeries by bringing advanced procedures directly into the clinic setting. This office-based model allows patients to undergo cataract removal, refractive lens replacement, and pterygium excision in a familiar environment, eliminating the need for hospital or ambulatory surgery center visits.

Dr. David Tremblay and Dr. Ashley Brundrett will be the primary surgeons, with Dr. Paul Mann also occasionally performing procedures. These experienced ophthalmologists will utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide exceptional care and optimal outcomes.

"Our office-based surgery center represents a paradigm shift in ophthalmic care," said Dr. Tremblay. "By performing procedures in-house, we offer patients a more personalized, efficient, and cost-effective experience without compromising quality."

The center enhances patient comfort and streamlines the surgical process, reducing preoperative anxiety and allowing for flexible scheduling and shorter wait times. Patients can expect the same high-quality care they trust from Mann Eye Institute, now in a more convenient setting.

Dr. Brundrett added, "We're excited to offer this innovative solution. The office-based model provides continuity of care from initial consultation through surgery and follow-up, all under one roof."

The center's opening marks a milestone in Mann Eye Institute's commitment to cutting-edge eye care. By integrating surgical services into the clinic, the institute aims to improve patient experience while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.

Alexandra Pack, Administrator for Austin North, shared: "Office-based cataract surgery has transformed ophthalmic care, benefiting patients, staff, efficiency, and overall care. The streamlined process leads to improved patient satisfaction and outcomes."

The Mann Austin Surgery Center is now accepting patients for consultations and procedures. Those interested can contact Mann Eye Institute directly.

This office-based model offers several advantages over traditional settings. Patients often feel more at ease in the familiar environment, reducing anxiety before and during procedures. The streamlined process typically results in shorter appointment times, allowing patients to return to daily activities more quickly.

Medically, the office-based setting allows for greater continuity of care. The same team handles consultation, surgery, and follow-up, ensuring a seamless experience. This approach also facilitates better communication among the medical team, potentially improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

About Mann Eye Institute: Mann Eye Institute has been a leader in eye care for over 40 years, providing comprehensive services from routine exams to advanced surgical procedures. With the addition of the Mann Austin Surgery Center, the institute continues its tradition of innovation and excellence. The institute's commitment to cutting-edge technologies and techniques ensures patients receive the most advanced and effective treatments in ophthalmology.

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Original Source: Mann Eye Institute Unveils State-of-the-Art Office-Based Surgery Center in Austin

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