Imagene Announces LungOI, the First AI-Based NSCLC Molecular Panel for Immediate Cancer Biomarker Profiling


Rapid NSCLC Biomarker Test already demonstrated its significant impact and clinical benefits as part of a lung cancer clinical study.


The First AI-based NSCLC Molecular Panel

Imagene, an emerging leader in the field of AI-based precision oncology, is pleased to announce the release of LungOI™, the world's first AI-based Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) molecular panel, identifying actionable alterations from the biopsy image alone within minutes. This ground-breaking solution can provide healthcare professionals with immediate genomic information, to support making informed treatment decisions in the complex cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. 

By providing immediate biomarker profiling results based on biopsy images alone, LungOI aims to address key challenges in molecular testing. Only 50% of newly diagnosed advanced NSCLC cases are tested for the guideline-recommended biomarkers, and due to long turnaround times, even among those tested, approximately 30% start first-line treatment prior to receiving all biomarker test results. Moreover, in up to 20% of cases, comprehensive molecular testing is not an option, due to tissue quality and quantity issues. These factors can lead to clinical decisions being made based on incomplete information as well as suboptimal or delayed treatment that can negatively impact patients' outcomes. 

"The launch of LungOI represents a pivotal moment not only for Imagene but for the medical community and cancer patients as a whole," said Dean Bitan, Co-founder and CEO of Imagene. "The availability of an immediate, accurate multi-gene biomarker panel for NSCLC will potentially help more cancer patients receive the optimal and personalized treatment medicine can offer and eliminate the long and stressful waiting time and uncertainty for patients."

Dr. Ross Camidge, Professor of Medicine, Joyce Zeff Chair in Lung Cancer Research, Director of Thoracic Oncology at the University of Colorado, elaborated, "Demographic variations in access to cancer molecular testing contribute to significant health disparities. This inequality not only limits access to precision medicine but also results in underrepresentation of certain groups in clinical trials. A rapid accessible AI-based test that could prompt relevant, maximally efficient molecular testing could help to address these imbalances in cancer care and improve health equity."

LungOI is a multi-gene NSCLC biomarker panel including alterations in the genes EGFR, ALK, ROS1, RET, NTRK1/2/3, ERBB2, BRAF, MET and KRAS demonstrating high performance levels, for example, inference of EGFR mutations in high confidence cases, showed 90% sensitivity and 92% specificity, and for ALK fusions the levels were 97% and 96% respectively. LungOI is an AI-powered laboratory-developed test compatible with various imaging devices, staining protocols and diverse populations. Imagene's technology already had a significant impact on treatment initiation and avoiding brain radiation in lung cancer patients as demonstrated in a recently published case report in the Journal of Clinical Pathology, as part of a clinical study.

Imagene's executive team will be attending the upcoming World Congress of Lung Cancer in Singapore, on Sept. 9-12. Demonstrations of LungOI can be scheduled upon request at [email protected].

About Imagene:
Imagene is an emerging leader in AI-based precision oncology leveraging AI to profile, within minutes, a broad range of cancer biomarkers from a digitized biopsy image alone. Imagene empowers physicians with immediate oncology intelligence to ensure optimal treatment for all cancer patients. Our success derives from our cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biologists, software engineers, and medical experts. Imagene's molecular classifiers under research, currently detect 30 different cancer biomarkers, spanning eight body organs. With a commitment to scientific excellence and collaborations, Imagene is dedicated to advancing precision oncology and improving patient outcomes. 

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Original Source: Imagene Announces LungOI, the First AI-Based NSCLC Molecular Panel for Immediate Cancer Biomarker Profiling

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