Glidewell Launches Mobile App for the In-Office Solution


New app allows users to track their cases in real time from a mobile device.

Glidewell, a pioneer in dental solutions and technology, is launching a new mobile app for the™ Control Panel (GCP). Designed to enhance the experience of In-Office Solution users, this app brings a new level of convenience and simplicity for dental practitioners to access their case information.

Building on the success of the platform, the app gives users real-time notifications and status updates regarding their milled cases — keeping them informed about their cases' progress, all from the comfort and convenience of a mobile device.

Whether in the office, on the go, or at home, the app functions as a critical tool for doctors to stay connected to their cases — all in a user-friendly interface. The ability to receive instant updates eliminates unnecessary delays and facilitates communication among dental teams, ultimately leading to quicker turnaround times and improved patient care.

"Our mission at Glidewell has always been to provide cutting-edge solutions that empower dental professionals," said Rob Brenneise, senior vice president of sales, marketing and education at Glidewell. "The GCP mobile app is a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency in the dental industry. We understand the demands that dental practitioners face, and this app will make their lives easier and bring added value to the suite of solutions."

Available for download at no cost, the GCP mobile app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. As Glidewell continues to prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction, the company is committed to regularly enhancing the app's features. Users can expect periodic updates that will further streamline their workflows with added tools and benefits.

For more information about the Control Panel mobile app or to download it for your Apple or Android device, please visit:

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

4141 MacArthur Blvd

Newport Beach, CA


Contact Information:
Eldon Thompson
Sr. Director of Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Glidewell Launches Mobile App for the In-Office Solution

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