EchoNous Launches New Ultrasound Platform With High-End Features on Apple iOS


The Kosmos ultrasound system now offers the most advanced feature set of any hand-carried device compatible with Apple iOS


System in use for imaging. Tablet compatibility means ease of implementation, which, in turn, improves care

EchoNous, a leader in transformative handheld point-of-care ultrasound solutions, is excited to announce a new advancement in its medical imaging technology. The acclaimed Kosmos system, known for its high-quality ultrasound performance and cutting-edge AI solutions, now provides advanced capabilities on compatible iOS tablets, empowering healthcare providers with increased accessibility and versatility.

With this latest development, EchoNous takes another major step forward in revolutionizing point-of-care ultrasound by increasing access to its platform across multiple operating systems. Integrating the Kosmos system with compatible iOS tablets allows clinicians to harness the power of advanced medical imaging on some of the highest-performance tablets available. 

The Kosmos system is now available on three platforms, our own proprietary tablet as well as Android and iOS compatible tablets, offering the user flexibility to customize the system to suit their own preferences and clinical settings.

"Our commitment to improving patient care by driving innovation and our refusal to compromise on quality has led us to this remarkable milestone," said Graham Cox, CEO of EchoNous. "By expanding the Kosmos system's capabilities to compatible iOS tablets, we aim to empower clinicians with greater flexibility and efficiency, thereby enhancing their ability to make critical decisions for their patients."

The Kosmos system on iOS tablets maintains the same level of ultrasound performance and advanced AI technology for which EchoNous is well known. Some of the top features of the Kosmos iOS application include:

  • High-end 2D Imaging
  • M-Mode
  • Color Doppler Imaging (CDI)
  • Color Power Doppler (CPD)
  • Pulsed Wave (PW) Doppler for both Lexsa (Linear) and Torso (Phased Array) probes
  • Continuous Wave (CW) Doppler
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)
  • Trio AI (Cardiac: Auto Guidance, Auto-Grading, Auto-Labeling)
  • AI FAST (Abdominal: Auto-Labeling)
  • Auto-Ejection Fraction (EF) calculation
  • Auto-VTI Tracing
  • DICOM SR for cardiac calculation
  • Cardiac Calcs
  • Vascular Calcs
  • Post Exam Processing

Launching the Kosmos system on compatible iOS tablets is a testament to EchoNous’ dedication to driving progress in point-of-care ultrasound. As EchoNous continues to lead the charge in AI-driven ultrasound, the company is empowering clinicians worldwide by continuously adding more capabilities and making its offerings even more capable and easier to use. 

About EchoNous

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, EchoNous creates transformative handheld point-of-care ultrasound solutions by infusing premium ultrasound performance with industry-leading AI educational tools providing more clinicians with increased information faster. For more information, visit

Original Source: EchoNous Launches New Ultrasound Platform With High-End Features on Apple iOS

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