Comprehensive Hematology Oncology, LLC Becomes the 20th Practice to Join QCCA’s National CIN of Independent Cancer Care Practices


Quality Cancer Care Alliance’s Nationwide Network of Independent Community Oncology Practices Welcomes Comprehensive Hematology Oncology, LLC, With Eight Locations Serving St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay Communities


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Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network (QCCA) is pleased to announce the addition of the independent physician-led and patient-centered practice Comprehensive Hematology Oncology, LLC, located in St. Petersburg, Florida, as the 20th practice to join QCCA’s national clinically integrated network of independently owned and operated oncology and hematology practices located across the United States. The addition of CHO brings QCCA’s membership to 419 oncology and hematology practitioners at 20 practices in 16 locations across the country.

“Independent practices like ours take pride in providing personalized, cost-effective, yet standardized and NCCN-guided care. We go above and beyond to take care of our patients without the burden of extra layers of bureaucracy, and QCCA provides us the power of unity. We have a saying: 'It is easy to break a single twig but hard to break twigs tied up in a bundle.' Together, we strengthen each other’s organizations,” says Dr. Pratibha Desai, MD, MPH, founding partner of Comprehensive Hematology Oncology, LLC, about its membership in QCCA. “We are very much looking forward to consolidating our resources and expanding our work in research as well as better managing our data and streamlining many processes, and look forward to working together with the QCCA team.”

“As we work toward more effective, cost-efficient ways to improve the quality of the care, and expand our research work across our membership, our collaborative builds on the strengths and expertise of its many members serving diverse communities across the country. Welcoming Comprehensive Hematology Oncology to our team furthers that mission and expands our network from the Atlantic to the Gulf Coast of Florida,” said Sibel Blau, MD, President and CEO of QCCA Network. “We are delighted to have this fiercely independent group join our network.”

QCCA is the only fully independent, clinically integrated national oncology network that brings together practices under a collaborative relationship, without acquisition or consolidation under a single tax identification structure. As such, members can continue to focus on their individual missions while being able to use collaborative tools to utilize clinical pathways and share data for more effective and cost-efficient ways to improve the quality of care and expand and increase access to trials under an organized research network.

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Original Source: Comprehensive Hematology Oncology, LLC Becomes the 20th Practice to Join QCCA’s National CIN of Independent Cancer Care Practices

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