Clinical Endpoint Adjudication: Ethical Enhances eAdjudication® With an Innovative AI-Powered Conversational Documents Search


By leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, Ethical’s new AI-powered conversational documents search tool reduces the time and effort required to find critical information and enhances the overall efficiency and quality of the endpoint adjudication process.

Ethical GmbH, a Swiss eClinical company providing personalized, compliant and innovative software solutions to streamline the management of clinical trial expert committees, is upgrading its eAdjudication® software platform for clinical endpoint adjudication with an innovative AI-powered conversational documents search tool.

Available for the coordinator’ and committee member’s roles, the easy-to-use AI-powered search tool alleviates the heavy burden associated to retrieving files, locating important information and checking crucial data during the clinical endpoint adjudication process.

Accurate and precise results

The AI-powered search engine selected by Ethical is built on a robust generative AI foundation, employing advanced natural language processing to grasp the context and significance behind users’ queries. This approach allows the search tool to deliver results beyond keyword matching, offering contextually relevant information. Users benefit from quick and easy access to the most pertinent data, enhancing their search experience with accuracy and relevance.

Easy access to contextually relevant documents

An important benefit of the search tool is easy access to the most relevant source documents in the specific context of the search. This is achieved by providing a direct link to the document(s) as part of the answer.

Secure and GxP-compliant

The tool searches exclusively within the relevant study documents made available for the specific user role performing the search. This includes manuals, protocols, charters, and event documents (e.g., medical records, laboratory results, images) that are all securely stored in a database hosted on Ethical's servers. The tool does not search elsewhere on the web in order to not compromise the answer reliability. The full history of the search is saved in the system to anticipate potential auditors’ requests.

Machine learning capabilities

Furthermore, the AI search tool integrated into eAdjudication® can learn and improve over time. The tool analyzes user interactions and feedback by incorporating a feedback mechanism, ensuring even better accuracy and efficiency over time.

Mimmo Garibbo, Director of Ethical GmbH, stated: "By implementing the conversational AI search tool in eAdjudication®, Ethical is streamlining the arduous task of locating and accessing relevant information during the endpoint adjudication process. By improving efficiency without compromising security, our new AI-powered search tool empowers endpoint adjudication committee members to make informed decisions faster and more confidently."

Contact Information:
Mimmo Garibbo
[email protected]

Original Source: Clinical Endpoint Adjudication: Ethical Enhances eAdjudication® With an Innovative AI-Powered Conversational Documents Search

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