Advanced Data Systems RCM Presents Solutions at AMP 2023 in Salt Lake City for Laboratories to Capture Maximized Revenue While Optimizing Efficiency


Advanced Data Systems RCM (ADSRCM) presented its solutions at the 2023 AMP conference in Salt Lake City for maximizing laboratory revenue while helping laboratories operate more efficiently. 

David Barzillai, President of ADSRCM, said, “Laboratorians overviewed our AI-driven platforms to (1) optimize their insurance claims, (2) capture patient responsibility balances, and (3) streamline their operations with outsourced workforce routines while empowering their sales teams to be more self-sufficient with our built-in laboratory sales portal.”  

Mr. Barzillai added, “Genetic laboratories that also perform NGS testing and laboratories in any specialty leverage our behind-the-scenes workforce as an extension of their own teams to consolidate and offload many in-laboratory routines. Laboratory clients have access to a patient responsibility estimator and an interactive balance-due texting option with online payments, which are powerful features for capturing patients’ payments. And laboratory patients contact ADSRCM if they have questions about their statements.” 

Laboratory clients have full, no-cost, transparent access to MedicsPremier, the financial and management AI-driven platform ADSRCM uses. Clients can compile reports, analytics, dashboards, and KPIs at any time, in addition to those generated by the ADSRCM team, which are routinely reviewed with clients. 

The same MedicsPremier financial/operational platform is available from Advanced Data Systems (ADS) as an in-laboratory system if preferred. 

ADSRCM and ADS interface with virtually any LIS, LIMS, G/L, EHR, and HIS. An accurate insurance discovery option to identify coverage when insurance information is missing, and an on-demand sales portal that enables a laboratory’s sales team to access needed information without disrupting other laboratory staff are also supported by ADSRCM and ADS.

Mr. Barzillai noted, “Meeting with so many AMP attendees, several of whom were ADSRCM and ADS clients, was very much appreciated. Driving clients’ revenue and efficiency is their expectation and our mission. We take pride in continually accomplishing both.”  

Contact us at 800-899-4237, Ext. 2264 or email [email protected] for more about ADSRCM, ADS, or both if comparisons for your laboratory are needed.  

Contact Information:
Marc Klar
VIce President
[email protected]
800-899-4237, Ext. 2061

Original Source: Advanced Data Systems RCM Presents Solutions at AMP 2023 in Salt Lake City for Laboratories to Capture Maximized Revenue While Optimizing Efficiency

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