Zendaya Reveals Why She Hated Working With Jacob Elordi


Zendaya Reveals Why She Hated Working With Jacob Elordi

Word reaching us is that there may be tension on the set of Euphoria and it apparently has a lot to do with Zendaya and Jacob Elordi. So, what was it really like for Zendaya to work with her ex Jacob? And is it true that there has been drama among the cast members? We have all the juicy details!

Okay, one person who definitely doesn’t mind dating someone in the same industry with them is Zendaya! She actually admitted in a 2018 interview with CR Fashion Book that dating someone in the industry would be helpful when she said, “There’s just certain things in our lives that’s hard for people to understand if they don’t live it. Like if I have to explain what a call time is or why I have to start glam early. I’m not just sitting around all day. I’m on camera, I’m shooting, I’m working, I can’t have my phone. But that doesn’t mean somebody who’s not in the industry can’t understand it or wouldn’t want to learn or understand it.”

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