Geer founded “Rock to Recovery” to harness the healing power of music and created a unique type of musical expression for treatment centers.

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., Feb. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the youngest of seven children, Wes Geer experienced his parents’ divorce at age five and sexual abuse. Wes admits his parents’ divorce “Screwed me up on several layers.” Bouncing between his mom and dad, he discovered a love of music and drugs. Getting kicked out of several high schools didn’t deter his passion for music. “I knew I had it in me. I was not going to relent,” Wes shared. Escalating drug use and rock ‘n roll became the fuel that kept him going, but it also led to an overdose and rehab. “Your success in life will be determined by your willingness to have uncomfortable conversations.” Wes states, “Music is the ultimate drug.”

“My entire life had been a struggle,” Wes shared. “By the time I checked into a 30-day rehab I was into it. I stayed 60 days and began working through the trauma.” Cleaning up his life led to touring with Korn in 60 countries in front of crowds of up to 80,000 over 10 years. His recovery program now helps thousands. Wes says, “What scares us the most has the greatest potential for growth.”

Post-Traumatic Thriving is a podcast that addresses the toughest issues around trauma and recovery. Unresolved trauma is the #1 problem facing humanity, with 66% to 85% of all college-age people having experienced at least one traumatic event.

Post-Traumatic Thriving host, Dr. Randall Bell is a sociologist specializing in disaster recovery projects. “We can tap into trauma and make it the fuel to thrive,” says Dr. Randall Bell, author of the bestselling book, POST-TRAUMATIC THRIVING. 

Post-Traumatic Thriving co-host, Ms. Tanya Brown, MA, author of FINDING PEACE AMID THE CHAOS. The 1994 death of Tanya’s sister Nicole Brown Simpson generated a media frenzy around O.J. Simpson. Today, she is a celebrity author, and a motivational speaker and life coach. When facing trauma Tanya said, “You need to ask for help.”

Core IQ is a non-profit organization that produces the podcast.

Post-Traumatic Thriving is available wherever you listen to podcasts.


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