Famed Maui Surfer Does for Maui What Billionaires Couldn’t


Famed Maui Surfer Does for Maui What Billionaires Couldn’t

While billionaires made waves in the headlines, Maui’s surf legend Buzzy Kerbox and his
brother Bill are making a tangible difference on the ground via Operation Recovery Maui.

MAUI, Hawaii, Sept. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the ashes settle from the devastating Lahaina Wildfire, unexpected heroes emerge, not from the world of affluence or politics, but from the heart and soul of Maui itself. Buzzy Kerbox, internationally renowned Maui surfer who pioneered tow-in surfing and rose to fame as the face that launched the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo, has joined his brother, Bill Kerbox, in leading a monumental effort called Operation Recovery Maui.

In a time where one might expect billionaire magnates and celebrities to lead the vital recovery initiatives, it’s the local legends like Buzzy and Bill who are championing the cause to bring hope, relief, and restoration to the Maui community.

Historically, post-crisis periods see celebrities, the ultra-wealthy, and organizations asking everyday people to donate to the cause, and while those are invaluable, this undertaking is of a different essence. “This isn’t about asking people to donate money, although any donations are deeply appreciated,” said Bill Kerbox. “This is about doing what’s right to help rebuild the Lahaina and Maui communities by the people closest to them. My family’s roots on the island run deep; my parents are buried here, so this is so much more than a clean-up effort to me, it’s a mission of love and ohana.”

Wilmont Kamaunu Kahaialii, a renowned local leader, shared his sentiments on the initiative: “Tuesday, August 8, 2023, will forever be etched in our memory as the day our Historic Lahaina Town and its surrounding communities burned down to the ground… In this time of need, we have been greatly blessed by our global family, especially individuals like Bill who have shown immense Aloha spirit.”

Buzzy Kerbox, reflecting on the endeavor, said, “Maui is more than just a surfing paradise; it’s our home. The same waves that taught me resilience in surfing now remind me of our community’s strength. We will rise, rebuild, and ride the tides again.” Bill Kerbox, echoing his brother’s sentiments, added, “The beauty of Maui is not just in its landscapes but its people. This is our time to come together, be the beacon of hope, and showcase the true meaning of community and Aloha.”

Operation Recovery Maui, closely reminiscent of Bill’s highly successful Operation Recovery Malibu (where the team worked with Malibu officials and local billionaire Howard Leight to support displaced Malibu residents), is a global collective effort, aimed at bringing in support from around the world to aid the Lahaina community. They work closely with local leaders, mobilizing resources, funds, and on-ground efforts to help rebuild the lives of the 6,000+ displaced residents.

At the heart of this mission is the “Maui Entrepreneur Academy” (MEA). This ambitious 1-year strategic program is looking to invigorate Maui’s community through modern education. Students will delve deep into learning about entrepreneurial thinking, and foundational tech training. “We’re not just rebuilding; we’re revolutionizing. By empowering our community with these skills, we’re laying the foundation for a brighter, more resilient Maui,” said Bill Kerbox.

Key Highlights of the MEA initiative include:

  • Flexible Locations – Including rented rooms in existing schools, hotel partnerships for classroom space, and mobile home classrooms.
  • Diverse Curriculum – From entrepreneurial thinking to artificial intelligence, mobile video production, social media mastery, and how to create a small business from scratch.
  • Equipment Provision – A budget estimate of $370,000 to equip 100 students with modern tech tools like laptops, iPhones, and iPads.

In an age where headlines often glorify billionaire and celebrity philanthropy, it’s heartening to see homegrown heroes like Buzzy and Bill Kerbox step up, proving that true wealth lies in compassion, community spirit, and relentless determination.

While Operation Recovery Maui welcomes support with open arms, the team’s strategies are rooted in local strength. “We’re bringing supplies to those in need and are collaborating with leaders to build schools,” shared Bill, highlighting the operation’s core ethos.

For more information about Operation Recovery Maui or to get involved, visit https://shor.by/operationrecovery or contact Bill Kerbox at (310) 600-4484.

About Operation Recovery Maui

Operation Recovery Maui is a dynamic response to bolster Maui’s economy, assuring tourists, visitors, and convention attendees that the island remains a vibrant hub of culture, activities, and lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the transformative success of Operation Recovery Malibu post-Woolsey Fire, this initiative champions the essence of ‘Aloha’ and global solidarity. Our scope transcends immediate recovery: we aim to establish local schools and design remote training programs for families grappling with the aftermath of personal and business adversities. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, video production, social media, and entrepreneurial strategies, Operation Recovery Maui positions the island as a beacon of innovation for the world. This holistic blueprint seeks to fortify the community’s foundation, ensuring Maui residents continue to cherish their homes for generations to come. We’re grateful to Gene Frederick for helping us make Operation Recovery Maui a reality. For more information about Operation Recovery Maui or to get involved, visit https://shor.by/operationrecovery or contact Bill Kerbox at (310) 600-4484.

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