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ORB Innovations Acquired by Glidewell (U.S.) for Development of Smart Oral Appliances Technology

U.K. start-up expands the reach of its revolutionary performance and wellness tracking technology via partnership with leading dental laboratory OR...

Protenus Granted New Patent for Drug Diversion Surveillance Technology

Protenus further expands the patent portfolio covering various techniques for detecting anomalous drug dispensing events. Protenus logo Protenus ...

Space Tea Announces Blueberry BOOST in a New Line of Energy Drinks

Functional mushroom teas blend with caffeine to create a new energy drink with all the adaptogenic benefits of Space Tea's original line.

Space Tea is excited to announce Blueberry BOOST, its first elevated caffeine-level mushroom energy drink, as the first flavor to be released in Space Tea's new high-caffeine line, BOOST. Comprised of iced tea and blueberry lemonade, Blueberry BOOST is brewed with yerba mate and boosted with 108 mg of caffeine, along with Space Tea's signature blend of non-psychoactive, functional Reishi and Lion's Mane mushrooms for enhanced uplifting energy, focus, mood-boosting properties and mental clarity.

"It is exciting to launch a brand-new product as we begin to expand our line of teas," Co-founder and CEO Gabriel Heymann said. "Space Tea is breaking into the world of energy drinks, launching our very first elevated caffeine mushroom energy drink. Already, Blueberry BOOST has become our top-sold flavor in Erewhon Markets, beating out our previous top-selling flavor, Golden Mango." 

Space Tea is certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and kosher, brewed with Reishi mushrooms and Lion's Mane mushrooms.  

Space Tea is the world's first adaptogenic mushroom iced tea and lemonade beverage with six flavors—Original, Golden Mango, Summer Watermelon, Lemon Zero, Hibiscus Zero, and Matcha Zero—four of which have been made recently available at The Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide.  

According to, functional mushrooms with Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Chaga have been used as natural remedies to soothe and heal the body for centuries, supporting digestion, energy, the immune system, mental clarity, mood, relaxation, and sleep. Adaptogens are herbs that can help the body's stress response systems and improve the ability to adapt and restore after stress exposure.  

"Space Tea is full of high-quality ingredients used for centuries to promote focus and mental clarity," Heymann said. "We continue to expand our selection, enabling more people to experience the potential benefits of Reishi and Lion's Mane mushroom in an amazing-tasting beverage format. We are proud to lead the industry in this way."  

To learn more about Space Tea, visit or Instagram at Contact Space Tea via email at [email protected].   

About Space Tea    

Space Tea is the world's first mushroom tea and lemonade featuring a refreshing and classic blend of iced tea and lemonade. Its mission is mental wellness through music, meditation, and mushrooms. Space Tea is brewed with functional, adaptogenic Reishi mushrooms and Lion's Mane mushrooms, which have been studied extensively for their effects on energy, focus, and memory. Check out Space Tea on Instagram at    

Contact Information:
Maria Penaloza
[email protected]
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Glidewell Launches flexTAP Sleep Appliance as Part of Its Family of Sleep Solutions

Appliance Provides Dentists With a New Option for Treating Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Glidewell Launches flexTAP\u00ae Sleep Appliance as ...

Glidewell to Host AAID MaxiCourse Program in Newport Beach, California

Dentists can now attend this comprehensive, nine-module implant education program at Glidewell's state-of-the-art clinical education facility.

Glidewell to Host AAID MaxiCourse Program in Newport Beach, California
Glidewell to Host AAID MaxiCourse Program in Newport Beach, California

Dentists can now attend this comprehensive nine-module, implant education program at Glidewell's state-of-the-art clinical education facility.

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) MaxiCourse® program — a comprehensive training program in oral implantology hosted throughout the United States and internationally — will now be offered at the Glidewell Clinical Education Center in Southern California. This facility, which is located on the Glidewell campus, is a premier location for hands-on dental training.

Dentists worldwide take the MaxiCourse program to become proficient in all aspects of implant dentistry, including biomedical sciences, diagnostic procedures, surgical and prosthetic protocols, and practice management. "The MaxiCourse is the most sought-after implant training in the world, and now it's here in California," adds Dr. Shankar Iyer, instructor and assistant director for the Newport Beach MaxiCourse. "After teaching this program for over 20 years all over the world, we are now ready to kickstart the program here with a stellar lineup of faculty."

Participants will attend comprehensive lectures from over 15 distinguished speakers in the field of implantology, including Drs. Timothy Kosinski, Paresh Patel, Taylor Manalili, Shankar Iyer and Ali Mostafavi, who also serves as the program's director. These instructors will provide expert guidance in a curriculum that includes topics like atraumatic extraction and bone grafting, digital workflows, immediate loading, and avoiding implant complications. In addition, participants will experience live demonstrations and clinical sessions with step-by-step instruction for skills such as CBCT planning and hands-on placement of implants in cadavers, which they can easily replicate in their practice.

The 2023-24 program will be presented in nine parts from September to May, with classes offered once a month in three-day weekend blocks. This schedule is designed to give dentists the flexibility to attend the live components of the course while still having enough time to study, complete coursework and fulfill their daily job responsibilities.

"Glidewell is proud to be associated with this comprehensive, high-quality implant educational program," says Dr. Neil Park, vice president of clinical affairs at Glidewell. "Not only will this program prepare doctors for clinical success, it also confers eligibility for certification by the American Board of Oral Implantology, which is the most recognized credential in implant dentistry." These courses also provide over 300 hours of continuing education, which are necessary to fulfill the minimum educational requirement for Associate Fellowship in the AAID.

MaxiCourse Newport Beach is open to dentists of all levels, from entry-level practitioners who want to add implant surgery to their practice, to seasoned implant practitioners who can glean valuable new knowledge and get the additional required accredited continuum hours for board certification with the American Bord of Oral Implantology. Tuition will cost $16,000 for dentists and just $12,500 for recent dental school graduates (within two years). To learn more about the AAID MaxiCourse in Newport Beach, dentists can visit the course website at Additionally, dentists can also reach out directly by email at [email protected] or by phone at 866-791-9539.

Contact Information:
Eldon Thompson
[email protected]

Original Source: Glidewell to Host AAID MaxiCourse Program in Newport Beach, California

MedVenture Health Acquires Canyon Labs in Move to Bolster Services

In a strategic move to further enhance its service offering, MedVenture Health has announced the acquisition of Canyon Labs to add regulatory and laboratory testing services to its deep portfolio. ...

Glidewell Partners With LuxCreo to Launch the 3D Printing Solution

New offering expands the™ In-Office Solution platform by incorporating 3D printing to further streamline digital dentistry workflows. ...

There is Hope: New Anthology LETTERS FROM A TRAUMA SURVIVOR Offers Trauma Support and Education

"Letters from a Trauma Survivor" by Recovery Ryder MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark., May 18, 2023 ( - E...
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