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Paycron’s eCheck Services for Improved, Hassle-Free Payments

Comprehensive eCheck Payment Processing For Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Paycron’s eCheck Services for Improved, Hassle-Free Payments
eCheck Payment Processing

Secure eCheck payment processing for your business.

CLEARWATER, Fla. - July 22, 2020 - (

Paycron Inc., a payment processing company, is focused on providing a long-lasting payment solution that aligns with the flexible demands of businesses. For this reason, Paycron has been improving every aspect of its eCheck services, be it faster set-ups, security, accessibility or fraud control. Paycron aims to support small and high-risk businesses from the hassle of credit card payment processing by offering them a sound alternative: eCheck.

Paycron's eCheck payment processing services are currently availed by a number of small, medium and other high-risk businesses which is helping them to avoid unnecessary expenses and being able to receive payments from any corner of the world. Echecks end the need for paper and digitize the conventional checks to enhance their accessibility and usage. Echecks have grown as a viable payment option overtime. They pose several benefits which are hardly provided by other payment methods. Here's a quick glance at the benefits it can provide to businesses in the short and long-run:

1. Simple, fast, free, same-day set-ups.
2. Fast & convenient payment processing system. 
3. Secure, multiple levels of authorizations to prevent fraud.
4. Automated emailed receipts and payment records.
5. Paycron live chat & email support to merchants.
6. No hidden fees and undisclosed costs or cancellation fee. 
7. No third party integration or hardware needed. 
8. Accurate & instant next-gen payment technology.  

New businesses and several established ones are realizing the potential that eCheck services offer regarding the ease of payment processing services. They are no more an option rather a necessity for all kinds of businesses. In a scenario where the frequency and intensity of payment frauds are increasing, eCheck can be the solution to minimizing chargebacks and potential 'friendly fraud chargebacks' too. They cover all bases concerned with security and detecting fake transactions.

Paycron has been involved with eCheck services for quite some time now and is thorough enough to guide business owners about any unforeseen problems and obstacles. With Paycron, businesses entrust payments in the experienced hands of a seasoned payment processor that delivers nothing but the best to its clients. 

Businesses finding difficulty in hiring a payment processor partially because of the nature of their industry, can opt for eChecks. They can be a great payment outlet for high-risk businesses and start-ups. For comprehensive information about Paycron's eCheck service and how the technology works, visit 

About Paycron
Payment Inc. is a payment processor that is among the few who offer eCheck services. It delivers innovative, secure and flexible payment solutions for businesses, irrespective of their size or industry. Paycron is a premium service provider of integrated payment solutions and POS payment processing solutions including payment gateway accounts, credit card machines and terminals, eChecks and merchant account credit card processing. It offers customizable, groundbreaking solutions backed up by 24/7 technical support and services.

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Crosslake’s Hazem Abolrous to Speak at Operating Partners Forum, Europe’s Premier Private Equity Conference

Crosslake Technologies’ Managing Director, Hazem Abolrous, will reinforce the importance of utilizing strategic nearshore options for portfolio companies at Private Equity International’s Operating Partners Forum: Europe, May 21-22 in London.

“I’m extremely excited to be speaking about this dynamic topic focused on driving value creation at Europe’s leading event focused on Private Equity. We work with Private Equity leadership globally to maximize opportunities and look forward to sharing our steps to success with other operating partners.” - Hazem Abolrous, Managing Director at Crosslake Technologies.

The strategic and operational challenges faced by software businesses today have been intensified by rapid technological advances, sharp competition, and global economics. Hazem has been invited to leverage his 23 years of driving growth through innovation and value creation, including 18 years at Microsoft. Hazem is a thought leader and strategist focused on Private Equity software, programs, and products. Through close collaboration, Hazem's leads Crosslake’s European team who implements holistic approaches and to identify technical risks, opportunities for growth, existing strengths to maximize, and potential areas for cost reductions or additional investment.

“We help our clients effectively tackle strategic and operational challenges, whether in architecture, processes, and tools, or within the organization. I look forward to outlining successful case studies, including an action item checklist to ensure your activities are driving value creation.” - Hazem Abolrous, Managing Director at Crosslake Technologies.

To register for Hazem’s presentation and network with peers from other leading PE firms at Operation Partners Forum: Europe, please visit the conference website here.

About Crosslake:

Founded in 2008, Crosslake helps Private Equity firms drive and realize value creation through software. From strategic vision to planning and architecture, development, and execution, Crosslake works to transform and optimize software delivery. In addition to functional skills in software development, Crosslake’s team of senior software professionals provides end-to-end support with expertise in management consulting and advisory services to provide both strategic and tactical insight. Crosslake is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (USA) and Tallinn, Estonia (EMEA). For additional information, please visit

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Victoria Steed, Director of Marketing
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Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark grew up in the Bible preaching conservative Dutch Christian Reformed area of West Michigan. Graduating in 1988 from Unity Christian High School located in Hudsonville, Michigan. Lori always knew someday she would reveal lost Biblical mysteries on to a world stage with the many priceless truths lodged within history and herself that she has brought with her into this 21st century lifetime. As a reader of mysteries one can purchase volume one, second edition of the author's memoir titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth, by going to, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million. eBay.

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The author Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo has made her home back in Northern Georgia, USA since August 2014. She has been married for over fourteen years, with an eleven year old son named Eddie and a thirteen year old dog named George. The author spends her time hiking, caving, swimming, and writing.

Original Source: Lori Vander Ark's New Book Addresses the Need for Government Reform

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