Signals Announces 2023 RevTech Award Winners for Industry’s Top Growth Technology Leaders


Signals announces the top pioneers in marketing and sales technology awards through crowd-nominated voting at RevTech Summit 2023.

RevTech Summit

Today, at its fourth-annual RevTech Summit 2023, the signal marketing AI lead generation tool Signals hosted keynote speakers Sangram Vajre, co-founder of Terminus, CEO and co-founder of GTM Partners, author of MOVE: 4 Question GTM Framework, will be joined by Dave Elkington, founder of InsideSales, co-founder of Silicon Slopes, and author appearing in the Harvard Business Review, MIT and Forbes.

At the Summit, Signals announced the winners of the 2023 RevTech Awards™. The awards identify outstanding individuals in the tech industry who innovate the use of growth-related technologies, pioneer the future of revenue-enhancing tech, or have demonstrated exceptional individual accomplishment. 

The awards recognize individuals from the following four categories: RevTech Visionaries, Data Scientists, Stack Architects, and RevTech Podcasts. The RevTech Visionaries award recognizes executives and managers who have new approaches to technology. The RevTech Data Scientist category are scientists and leaders who transform data into new insights. RevTech Stack Architects are growth operations individuals who add value by creating unforeseen integrations and technological approaches. RevTech Podcasts are those voices that push the industry to greater heights by providing valuable insights and strategies to the tech industry. 

Signals congratulates the RevTech Awards™ winners and acknowledges the vital contributions they are making in the ever-evolving field of sales and marketing technology that will contribute to better customer experiences.

The top 5 RevTech Visionaries recognized by the awards include: 

  • Declan Mulkeen, CMO of strategicabm 
  • Nick Stagge, CEO of The Ground Company 
  • David Dulany, Founder and CEO of Tenbound 
  • Kris Rudeegraap, Founder and CEO of Sendoso 
  • Rosalyn Santa Elena, Founder and CRO of The RevOps Collective 

The top 5 RevTech Data Scientists recognized by the awards include: 

  • Jo Rogers, Client Service Director of strategicabm 
  • Craig Ivemy, Director of Operations of strategicabm 
  • Shelly Fagin, Director of SEO and Growth Marketing at Credit Karma 
  • Gabe Larsen, Head of Marketing at Meta 
  • Rick Tolman, VP of Global Digital Demand Generation at Salesforce 

The top 5 RevTech Stack Architects recognized by the awards include: 

  • Matt Heinz, Founder and President of Heinz Marketing 
  • Lucy Jones, Head of Content at strategicabm 
  • David Pearson, Email and Marketing Automation Leader at LVT 
  • Maria Pergolino, CMO of ActiveCampaign 
  • Roderick Jefferson, CEO of Roderick Jefferson and Associates, LLC 

The top 5 RevTech Podcasts recognized by the awards include: 

  • Let's Talk ABM
  • Cheat Codes
  • The Marketing Ladder 
  • The Sales Development Podcast by Tenbound 
  • Sales Management Simplified

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