QI Card – Iraq’s Leading Electronic Banking Solution


Innovates for a Better Tomorrow

Qi Card has been broadening its reach and exploring new horizons in the financial world. As part of its expansion strategy, the company has been offering an innovative and distinctive service to its customers.

QI Card is a leading electronic banking solution and default national debit/credit card of Iraq and is recognized for being one of the most successful examples of innovative financial tech (Fintech) in the personal banking industry. With the introduction of the QI Card technology in 2007, the company showed that it has become one of the largest and most successful electronic, financial service companies in Iraq. Its success can be attributed to several factors including innovative technology and commitment to serving all segments of society in Iraq, making electronic banking solutions accessible to its citizens.

Create a new market for a cashless banking system

Iraq has faced several challenges in the banking sector, including low banking penetration, limited access to financial services, and a high percentage of an unbanked population. QI Card's ability to create a new market for a cashless banking system has been one of its most significant achievements, offering convenience and security to millions of active users today. The company's values and products allow maximum protection, accessibility, ease of use and full transparency.

Innovative approach to business

QI Card has been recognized for its innovative approach to business and has won multiple awards, including two international awards granted by The Global Economics in 2022. The company has been named the best issuer of biometric prepaid cards as well the most innovative Issuer for biometric prepaid cards. In addition, The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Al-Asadi provided smart cards (QI Cards), gifts and school supplies to 60 orphans in residential homes during his visit to an orphanage in Baghdad, all in cooperation with QI Card.

Bahaa Abdul Hadi's leadership

QI Cards success can also be attributed to the leadership of its Founder, Bahaa Abdul Hadi. Bahaa is known for his ambitious goals and willingness to take risks and has been instrumental in driving QI Cards growth and innovation. Under his leadership QI Card has developed an ethical business practice that values its contributions to society, with a mission to fight corruption in Iraq. Bahaa is a strong advocate for upholding a culture that places importance in shaping the future of Iraq and making a positive impact on its citizens.

QI Card - A force for good in society 

The company has made a significant impact on the betterment of society in Iraq by addressing critical issues and promoting positive change. Through various corporate, social responsibility initiatives and partnerships with organizations, the company has demonstrated its commitment to making a difference. QI Card has not only distinguished itself as a leader in the industry but also as a force for good in society.

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