Proposed Project to Reinvigorate Mount Morgan Gold Mine and Create Over 100 New Jobs


A new proposal will create more than 130 jobs at the Mount Morgan gold mine - leading labour hire company Techforce explains.

Mount Morgan gold mine, which was once the world's largest gold mine, is set to enter into a period of rapid expansion under a new proposal as part of the Invested in Queensland program. The program will be led by Heritage Minerals and is intended to breathe new life into the mine, providing both environmental and financial benefits to the local community. As a result, more than 130 new, full-time positions will be created, providing a wealth of opportunity for all applicants interested in rigger jobs or chef jobs. Techforce, leader in labour hire, explains.

Mount Morgan gold mine has a vast, proud history in Queensland and has long benefitted its surrounding community. This new proposal will establish a tailings processing plant right on site, providing Mount Morgan with the ability to process locally rather than shipping the gold away for processing. Not only will this reduce the mine's environmental impact, but it will also create over 100 new positions and generate up to $40 million in new mining royalties to the State in less than 10 years.

The roles up for grabs will include rigging, administration, processing, mining, chef jobs and more and will require a range of levels of experience and credentials. According to Techforce, the mining industry is offering competitive remuneration and impressive benefits to incentivise Australians to consider a job in the mining industry. The labour hire company explains that entry-level jobs in the mining sector are increasingly being accompanied by six-figure paycheques, improved accommodation options, better work-life balance initiatives and more.

Funding and finance approvals for the proposal are set to be finalised within the next few weeks, and those involved in the project hope to set the gears in motion as soon as possible. To learn more about available mining, rigging, FIFO and chef jobs Perth to Queensland, contact Techforce today.

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Original Source: Proposed Project to Reinvigorate Mount Morgan Gold Mine and Create Over 100 New Jobs

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