Leadline, Inc. Announces Multi-Year Partnership With PGA Tour Player Keith Mitchell


Mitchell debuted the Leadline brand at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

Leadline, Inc. Announces Multi-Year Partnership With PGA Tour Player Keith Mitchell
Leadline welcomes PGA TOUR Player Keith Mitchell

Leadline welcomes PGA TOUR Player Keith Mitchell

Leadline Inc. ("Leadline"), a top-of-funnel talent acquisition software company, announced a partnership with PGA Tour player Keith Mitchell.

As part of the sponsorship, Mitchell, a Chattanooga, Tennessee, native and a University of Georgia graduate, will be seen wearing the Leadline logo at PGA Tour events throughout the year, which started at the Sony Open in Hawaii.

"Keith's commitment to excellence and approach on and off the course aligns with our company culture and ambitions as we look to make talent acquisition simple for our customers and partners," said Anthony Socci, Chief Executive Officer of Leadline. "This sponsorship goes beyond our logo on Keith's shirt—it's about enhancing our relationships with our clients, partners, and prospects in new and exciting ways."

As Leadline's first-ever sponsorship of an athlete, the multi-year relationship illustrates the synergy of both parties as they represent high performance and innovation in the pursuit of success in their respective fields. Mitchell will participate in Leadline corporate events, serve as a brand ambassador, and provide Leadline with unique access to exclusive PGA Tour events.

"I am honored and excited to represent the Leadline brand and the mutual values we share," said Mitchell. "I've recently learned of all the new activities and opportunities in the labor market after spending time with the Leadline team. While companies continue to face challenges with respect to hiring, it's great to partner with an emerging, innovative leader like Leadline."

About Leadline Inc.

Leadline Inc. (www.getleadline.com) is a leading software company that is building innovative products to help businesses accelerate their time to hire, while also supporting hiring professionals to ultimately be more productive and efficient in their daily routines. 


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Original Source: Leadline, Inc. Announces Multi-Year Partnership With PGA Tour Player Keith Mitchell

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Nature’s Answer Introduces Natural Mullein-X™ Cough^ Syrup to Support a Healthy Respiratory System*

The Mullein-X™ Line Consists of Cough^ Syrup, Immune and Relax Cough^ Syrup, and an On-The-Go Throat Soothing Spray. All three formulas include a blend of true 1:1 concentrated herbal extracts formulated utilizing Bio-Chelation® Technology, exclusive to Nature's Answer.

Nature's Answer, the company that has been at the forefront of herbal extracts since 1972, has developed a new natural cough syrup, Mullein-X™ Cough Syrup. It's their latest addition to a line of successful natural mullein-based products. 

Nature's Answer Mullein-X™ Cough Syrup is a natural blend of key herbal ingredients that was developed utilizing modern and traditional herbology perfected by Nature's Answer for over 50 years. Mullein-X™ Cough Syrup is formulated to help clear mucus, help soothe the throat and support immune and upper respiratory health.* The exclusive proprietary blend includes herbs such as Mullein, Nettles, Plantain, Elecampane, Horehound and Marshmallow. Many of these herbs are known as soothing demulcents which can support upper respiratory health.*

"And it's not just our new Mullein-X™ Cough Syrup that utilizes this unprecedented combination of ingredients," says Christopher Martir, Manager of Commercial Development & Innovation at Nature's Answer. "All three of our Mullein-X™ products are made from a 1:1 proprietary blend of native herbal extracts historically used as expectorants and demulcents to support immune and upper respiratory health. Achieving this 1:1 blend extraction is a difficult process that requires a unique method created by Nature's Answer called Bio-Chelation®. This proprietary method uses cold extraction to help maintain the natural constituents of the herb, enabling the herb to remain Holistically Balanced™ and for the extract to remain alcohol-free.

Martir says, "We're proud to say that the Nature's Answer Mullein-X™ line is also the only line of multi-system support formulas that are non-drowsy, alcohol-free, gluten-free, drug-free, preservative-free and contain the exclusive blend of Quik-Sorb®, made from natural ingredients to help aid the body's natural ability to absorb*."

When you look at the ingredients of Mullein-X™ Immune and Relax Support and Mullein-X™ Throat Spray On The Go and the new Mullein-X™Cough Syrup, it's easy to see that they're unlike any other products available today. 

Nature's Answer Mullein-X™ Immune and Relax Support is a natural blend of key herbal ingredients inspired to help support upper respiratory health, immune health and relaxation day or night.* Formulated to help clear mucus with added immune support from Black Elderberry and Zinc.* Unlike typical PM formulas that are designed to put you to sleep, Mullein-X™ is the only multi-system support formula with relaxing herbs like Chamomile, Passion Flower, and the Ayurvedic adaptogen Holy Basil, that will help calm you while providing maximum immune and respiratory support.* 

Nature's Answer Mullein-X™ Throat Spray On The Go is a natural herbal blend inspired and developed to help soothe the throat, clear mucus, and support upper respiratory health.* Unlike typical throat sprays designed to numb the throat, Mullein-X™ On The Go is a powerful throat-soothing blend of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Olive Leaf, Ginger Root, Licorice Root, Slippery Elm Bark, and English Ivy to help soothe irritated throats.* All you have to do is spray the back of your throat and enjoy the soothing power of nature.

"Maintaining the efficacy of our unique formula is just as important as the ingredients that we use," says Dean D'Amelio, "that's why every product in the Mullein-X™ line comes in a glass bottle. Glass packaging is more sustainable and recyclable when compared to plastic packaging."

Product integrity has always been important to Nature's Answer. The company was founded in 1972 by Frank D'Amelio, Sr. and to this day, Nature's Answer remains a family-owned-and-operated business with the highest standards for its natural products and liquid herbal extracts, with uncompromising manufacturing processes perfected over its 50-year history and upheld through three generations of the D'Amelio family still going strong today. This long-term stewardship and personal attention are exceedingly rare in today's natural products marketplace.

As one of America's largest and oldest manufacturers of nutritional supplements, Nature's Answer is an FDA-registered, pharmaceutically licensed herbal manufacturing and quality control facility and has one of the most impressive herbariums in the U.S.

To view all the details of the Nature's Answer Mullein-X™ product line, as well as any of their other natural high-quality products visit the Mullein-X landing page. 

^ For coughs associated with hoarseness, dry throat, and irritants
*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Kasra Hoshmand
Dir. Brand Marketing
[email protected]

Original Source: Nature's Answer Introduces Natural Mullein-X™ Cough^ Syrup to Support a Healthy Respiratory System*