EcoClear Products’ SmokeOut Spray Helps Facilities Save Money by Eliminating Smoke Odors


Business facilities, like hotels, casinos and car dealerships need to find ways to combat the smell of third-hand smoke.

SARASOTA, Fla. - December 27, 2022 - (

Cigarette smoke removal services, like thermal fogging and ozone treatments, can cost $200 to $600 for a single treatment, and it takes days to complete. This causes facilities like hotels and casinos, which are already short-staffed, to spend thousands of dollars each year to keep their buildings free of cigarette and tobacco smoke odors. EcoClear Products, a company dedicated to providing 100% safe alternatives in the Specialty Chemical industry, has created SmokeOut™, a ready-to-use spray that addresses this ongoing issue for businesses.

Formulated to eliminate the stubborn and unpleasant odors left behind by cigarettes, cigars and pipes, SmokeOut™ destroys smoke smells at their source, both in the air and on other porous surfaces, like fabrics. When used as directed on furniture, rugs, linens and pillows, for example, SmokeOut™ chemically alters, neutralizes and destroys offensive smoke and tobacco odors. If the source of the odor is not reintroduced into the room, the room will remain deodorized.

Third-hand smoke poses a potential health hazard to non-smokers, especially children. People become exposed to the chemicals in third-hand smoke when they touch contaminated surfaces or breathe in the gas third-hand smoke may release.

"Unlike other odor eliminators, which often just mask a scent, SmokeOut™ destroys odors at the molecular level," said Christopher Stidd, founder of EcoClear Products. "Businesses can now rest easy knowing their facilities won't face devaluation backlash due to unwanted lingering scents of smoke, and that they can continue to offer their guests a strong customer experience."

EcoClear Products boasts safe, effective and harmless cleaning agents that use patented and proprietary compounds and processes. Its chemists have received Presidential Awards for "green" chemistry as a result of their extensive experience in pesticides, rodenticides and detergents and their passion for creating innovative offerings.

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EcoClear Products, Inc. is a leading developer of specialty products, which include ecological cleaning, odor removal products, and pest control solutions. Based in Sarasota, Florida, and founded in 2013, EcoClear's mission is to develop innovative and effective products safe for people, pets, and wildlife. EcoClear has been recognized for its commitment to advancements in sustainable chemistry and efficacy. For more information, visit

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